Visualizing Geology | The Troy L. Péwé Collection (no sound)

The Troy L. Péwé Video Collection (no sound). The late Troy L. Péwé, Ph.D., taught at ASU for 34 years. His professional interests included environmental geology, reflected in this collection, permafrost, and the Grand Canyon.

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Salt River Flood Dec. 31, 1965 - Jan. 1, 1966.

Subsidence earth fissure in the Fall of 1971.

Sampling Cobblers in 1969.

Tractor out volcanic bombs for ASU at White Mountains.

Gravel Pit on Mar. 1, 1970.

Grand Canyon and Skeleton view point, 1974.

Geology camp with Bob Merrill in 1980.

Hance Rapids, Grand Canyon, May 1976.

Grand Canyon with Hatch River Expeditions on Mar. 30, 1970

Grand Canyon, Shinamo and Sockdolager rapids, 1978.

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