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Geologic Map of Arizona (2000) – Available Online!
Published by the Arizona Geological Survey

Arizona’s statewide geologic map is now available online, free-of-charge!  The map may be viewed using a web browser, or viewed and queried using either Google Earth or ESRI's ArcGIS explorer. In addition, the data are published as a KML, ArcGIS, WMS and WFS web services for use in other client applications. Google Earth accesses the data via the KML service. ArcGIS users can connect to either the ArcGIS service or Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Map Service (WMS) or Web Feature Service (WFS). The WMS and WFS services may be accessed by any client that implements the OGC interfaces for these services (e.g. Quantum GIS, Manifold...). Many WFS clients can save data out as shapefile or in other GIS-compatible formats.

Originally released in 2000 as Arizona Geological Survey's Map 35 (1:1,000,000-map scale), the map is available in electronic form (without the shaded relief base) as Digital Geologic Map (DGM-17). The data also have been released as Digital Information product (DI-8). Now the map image and data are available online, free for geophytes, educators, professional geoscientists, and the general public.

ESRI Recognizes AZGS Geologic Map of Arizona. See ESRI's highlights and comments


To access Arizona’s Geologic Map, choose one of following options below:


View In Your Web Browser

View the state's geology using a custom web application developed by the Arizona Geological Survey.

Using FREE Software

ArcGIS Explorer
Use free GIS software to view the map in 3-D and positioned on a globe. Download file (.nmf) and open it in ArcGIS Explorer.
(Don't have ArcGIS Explorer? Download ArcGIS Explorer)

Google Earth
Another free GIS application allowing you to view the map on a globe. Download file (.kmz) and open it in Google Earth.
(Don't have Google Earth? Download Google Earth )

NOTE:  We've found that the map generally looks better in ArcGIS Explorer than in Google Earth

For ArcGIS Users

To include the statewide geologic map as a layer in your ArcMap projects, you simply need to download a layer file. You'll be able to query the layers to find out more information about the geologic units and different types of contacts by using the Identify tool!

For a map in which all the layers (lines, polygons, labels) are fused and must remain visible, download this file (.lyr)

Once downloaded, simply add the layer file to your project as you would any other dataset.

OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) Services

The statewide geologic map is available using Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) web services. These services can be viewed using a wide variety of both proprietary and free, open-source applications. A listing of client applications is available at WMS and WFS client software. A complete listing of applications registered with OGC for compliance with one or more of their specifications is at OGC product registry. The exact procedure for connecting to the services will depend on the client. Please check the help documentation included with the client software for instructions. Generally all you will need is one of the following online resource URLs.

WMS (Web Map Service) -- XML file for use by other programs
WFS (Web Feature Service) -- XML file for use by other programs


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