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Bulletins (B) & Circulars (C):  Formal geologic maps and reports published prior to 2001.  Largely replaced by our open-file series.   E.g., B-195  Geology of the South Mountain, Central Arizona, S.J. Reynolds, 1985, 61 p., 1 pl. 1:24:000.

 Digital Information (DI): Digital data files released now on CD-roms.  Contains Arc/INFO, ArcView, or ArcGIS data files.  E.g., DI-8,  Geologic Map of Arizona, GIS Database, v. 3.0, (edn.) S.M. Richard & S>M. Kneale, 1998, 10 p., 1 CD-rom, Arc/INFO export field (e.00) format.

Down to Earth Series:  AZGS award-winning non-technical book series.  E.g., Geologic Guide to Saguaro National Park, J.V. Bezy, 2005, 36 p.

Maps (M): Geologic maps of Arizona, scale variable and paper copies only.  E.g. M-33, Arizona Geologic Highway Map, scale 1:100,000, available as folded map.

Digital Geologic Maps (DGM): Geologic maps at 1:24,000 scale, frequently with reports.  DGMs are packaged on CD-roms, but paper copies are available at our Tucson bookstore.  E.g., DGM-30, Geologic Map of the Samaniego Peak 7.5’ Quadrangle, Pima County, Arizona, v. 1.0, B.J. Johson, C.A. Ferguson, P.A. Pearthree, and W.A. Stavast, 2003, 1 CD-rom.

Miscellaneous Maps (MM) & Contributed Maps (CM): Geologic maps produced by geologists not affiliated with AZGS.  Replaced by Contributed Maps series in January 1989; CM maps produced since 2004 are available in digital format (.pdfs).  E.g., MM-87-D, Bedrock Geology from New River Mesa to the Northern Phoenix Basin, Arizona, K.J. Jagiello, 1987, scale 1:24,000.

Oil & Gas Publications (OG):  A broad variety of reports and maps related to oil and gas resources in Arizona.  E.g. OG-35,  Oil and Natural Gas Occurrence in Arizona,  S.L. Rauzi, 2002, chart (OGCC Chart C-1).

Special Papers (SP):  Geologic reports or maps frequently produced by non-AZGS geologists.  E.g., SP-8, Geologic and Gravimetric Investigations of the Carefree Basin, Maricopa County, Arizona,  P.L. Doorn and T.L. Pewe, 1991, 187 p. scale 1:24,000 and 1:48,000, 10 sheets.

Contributed Reports (CR):  Geologic reports drafted by non-AZGS geologists since January 1989.  e.g., CR-01-C, Geologic Field Guide to the Copper Butte Area, Eastern Pinal County, Arizona, W.R. Dickinson, 2001, 16 p. 

Open-File Reports (OFR):
  OFR’s provide AZGS with medium for rapid dissemination of field investigations.  E.g., OFR-04-01,  Giant Desiccation Cracks in Arizona, R.C. Harris, 2004, 93 p.
Non-AZGS Products (Distributed by AZGS)

Arizona Geological Society (AGS):  Guidebooks and geologic reports produced by non-AZGS geologists for AGS.  E.g., AGS-21,  Desert Heat – Volcanic Fiere, The Geologic History of the Tucson Mountains and Southern Arizona, D.A. Kring, 2002, Digest, v. 21, 103 p.

Other Non-AZGS Publications (NP):  A broad collection of geologic reports, maps, and satellite images.  E.g., NP-37, Santa Catalina Mountains Satellite Image Map, J.C. Dohrenwend, 2002, scale 1:63,360.

USGS Topographic maps for Arizona are available at 1;24,000 scale.

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