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Dear Teachers,

The Geological Extension Service (GES) exists in part to support the efforts of Arizona educators teaching in the Earth sciences.   We regularly peruse the web environment for sites that actively support K-12 science education, and then we post the best of those sites on our link page.  Join our network, share, and discover!

We also have physical material – maps, posters, and reports – that we provide free to teachers visiting us at the Arizona Geological Survey Bookstore at 416 W. Congress, Tucson.   Listed below are items currently in stock.   Teachers, when you arrive at our store please alert the bookstore staff that you are interested in seeing our education outreach materials. We hope to see you soon!

Michael Conway Ph.D.
Section Chief, Geologic Extension Service

Arizona Geological Survey



Teacher Support Materials
Arizona Geological Survey Products
-Arizona Rocks Poster (see photo to the right)
-How Geologists Tell Time
-Geologic Map & Cross-Sections of Arizona
-Historical Epicenters in Arizona 1830 – 1980
-Arizona County Maps – Coconino, Gila, Apache, Navajo, Graham, and Greenlee

USGS Products
-Map Projections
-Dams & Rivers (report)
-Tapping the Earth’s Heat (Circular 1125)
-Societal Value of Geologic Maps (Circular 1111)
-Geothermal Energy – Clean Power from the Earth (Circular 1249)
-Coasts in Crisis (Circular 1075)
-Natural Aggregate: Building America’s Future (Circular 1110)
-Land & People: Finding a Balance
American Geological Institute Products
-Meeting Challenges with Geologic Maps

Geoheat Center Product
-Aqua Culture & Geothermal Energy Publication Sheet

-15’ Quadrangles (1:62,500 topographic maps) assorted

-How do we treat wastewater?
-Oceans: Coastal hazards & erosion
-Hazardous Waste
Featured Educational Websites

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