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New Round of Budget Cuts:  Budget Survey Results (10.09.2009)

A Great Response from Our Stakeholders!

The AZGS survey, “Budget Cuts: Which AZGS Publications Should be Eliminated?”, launched on 25 September to ask our stakeholders for input in meeting the newest round of proposed budget cuts was a success. In just eight-days, we garnered nearly 200 responses, with almost 50% of the respondents providing additional cogent recommendations and comments of support. We thank all of you those who participated.

On 6 October, a review committee drawn from our stakeholders in academiaprofessional societies and trade groups, industry, and federal agenciesgovernment used the survey results to developinform their recommendations to AZGS regarding which programs to eliminate. And which to preserve. They had a difficult and painful task but at day’s end they handed off a prioritization of AZGS programs and services. Their recommendations underpin a plan by AZGS senior staff to meet this challenge.

What's Next?

On 9 October, AZGS Director Lee Allison submitted to the Governor's Office of Strategic Planning and Budget (OSPB) a plan for eliminating AZGS programs sufficient to meet the proposed 15% budget reduction (effectively 30% because it would be implemented halfway through the year). Following that we’ll await further instructions from OSPB before publically releasing or implementing the plan.

Survey Results...

We feel strongly that our stakeholders – the public, industry, education, and state and federal agencies – should be privy to the survey results. The results are summarized graphically in a bar diagram rating all 22 AZGS programs on a sliding scale from 5 (very important) to 1 (unimportant). Our Publications program, with a rating of 4.42, is our highest rated program.

For a breakdown of how each program fared in the categories – very important, important, moderately important, of little importance, unimportant -- open the pdf file marked “Pie-Diagram Results ” - comprised of diagrams for all 22 of AZGS's programs .

The more than 70 comments that accompanied survey responses are captured in “Survey Comments”. By way of example, here are several representative comments:

"AZGS provides an invaluable and irreplaceable geologic service. There is simply no other resource in the state for updated geologic and hazard data. There is no private group that has these resources. SRP utilizes the many data bases for siting facilities and reducing the cost of power to Arizona's electric rate payers."

"I see the data and report repository and the on-going mapping programs essential to the mission of the survey. During this economic down-turn, a few programs could be put on hold until the state's budget owes improve."

"I am a college student and having access to the information on this website is very helpful for my learning. Please consider this when making your final determination."

"The AZGS is the ONLY agency to provide non-biased information to the public and advise decision makers on issues relating to geology and geologic hazards. Universities cannot fill the gap as they research what is of interest to them, not necessarily what is of interest to the public. The AZGS is critical to maintain public safety; please do not reduce its ability to protect the people of Arizona. As a geo-hazard consultant, publicly available maps and reports are extremely useful and valuable, please maintain online services!"

"I cannot think of a more critical component than the surficial mapping group. Especially given the current state of the climate, etc."

Further comments, questions, concerns, and ideas can be sent to
Arizona Geological Survey
 Michael Conway, Chief, Geologic Extension Service at  or call 520.209.4146

Thank you for your participation and support!

Budget Survey | Budget Results | AZGS Identifies Programs to Eliminate or Reduce


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