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New Round of Budget Cuts:  Some AZGS Programs Face Elimination (09.21.2009)

We need the advice and input of our stakeholders on what programs to shut down if the anticipated budget cuts are implemented.  So we built a brief survey to capture your input.  Please use this survey tool to rate our programs on a sliding scale from very important to unimportant. Also, please feel free to provide us with your comments!

Survey Closed.

For a brief description of AZGS’s 24 programs, which includes their annual funding levels, see the table below.   All of our programs are called for by Arizona State Statutes, Download Statutes here.

On October 6, we are convening a review board of stakeholders from industry, business, government and education to guide us in making programmatic decisions of what to eliminate.  The results of this survey – your input – will inform their recommendations.

Thank you!


The Arizona Geological Survey, along with other state agencies, has been instructed to identify programs (Table 1) to permanently eliminate by January 2010 to meet a proposed cut of our state appropriation (State General Funds) of 15%.  This latest round is on top of a cumulative set of cuts amounting to about 30% over the past 15 months.

As things now stand the proposed cut of 15% is scheduled for January 2010, midway through the fiscal year.  At that point, we’ll have spent 50% of our annual budget of $866,150, so that the proposed 15% cut of $130,000 effectively represents 30% of our remaining FY-2010 budget of about $433,075. 

Additional Information.  A difference between this round of budget cuts and previous rounds is that we have to identify state-supported programs to eliminate. There are no options for furloughs, salary reductions, or spreading cuts among programs.  Because the cuts would not take effect until January 2010, we will have to cut 30% of our remaining budget to meet a year-long target.  These would be permanent cuts, so it amounts to a permanent 30% reduction in our funding overall starting in January.

AZGS has weathered the cuts so far by increasing revenues from contracts and grants to subsidize state operations, judicious program reductions, and by not filling vacant positions. However, our fixed costs of rent, insurance, phones, etc. have not been reduced and now consume a much larger percentage of our state funds.  As a result, the combined previous cuts of 30% with new cuts of 30% mean there could be little left but our fixed infrastructure costs and staff who are funded solely by external contracts and grants.

We are asking our stakeholders, our community of data and service users, and our partners, to let us know what they consider the most critical functions that we should try to preserve. We value your opinion and prioritization of programs, services, products, and data.  Please complete the survey (to the left) and let us know what you think.


Further comments, questions, concerns, and ideas can be sent to
Arizona Geological Survey
 Michael Conway, Chief, Geologic Extension Service at  or call 520.209.4146.




Budget Survey | Budget Results | AZGS Identifies Programs to Eliminate or Reduce


FY10 Budget Reduction Planning Table
Full year State General revenues 
AZGS Sections & programs
Statute & Role
State General Funds
Geologic Extension Service
Library 27-152.01-4.  A publically available central repository and a computerized database for geologic / mineralogic reports, books, maps and other.
Bookstore 27-153 B.  To manufacture and distribute publications of the Arizona Geological Survey; retails USGS topographic maps and geologic reports/maps among other things.
Publications (including AZ Geology) 27-152.01-2(e)  & 27-153 A. Prepare and publish technical and non-technical geologic maps and reports on the geology, natural hazards, natural resources, character of Arizona.      
Public  inquiries 27.152.01-2.  Provide timely and objective scientific information to inquiries of Arizona geology, and to advice and assist the industry, government, and the public in understanding the State’s geology.
Education, outreach, information 27-152.01-2(d)  Give lectures and talks, conduct workshops, lead field trips and provide information and assistance to the public and educational and professional groups.
Websites 27-152.01-2(c)  Host an internet web site(s) with topical information on the geology of Arizona and on the products and services available through the Arizona Geological Survey.
AzGeoBib 27-152.01-2(b)  Maintain a publically accessible computerized bibliographic database of maps and reports on Arizona geology.  
Environmental Geology
Earth fissures 27-152.01-3.   Map earth fissures throughout Arizona and provide the maps and reports in a timely manner – via the internet - to the Arizona public.
Surficial geologic mapping 27-152.01-1.  Map and describe surfical geology and related geologic materials: prepare geologic maps for publication. 
Geohazards  27-152.01-1(c)  Map, describe and monitor known and potential geologic hazards and limitations to land and resource management.
Geologic framework 27-152. Serve as a primary source of surface and subsurface geologic information for Arizona. Provide technical support to government, industry and the public.
Economic Geology
AZ Oil & Gas Conservation Commission 27-515.A. & 27-152.02-10. Provide the primary technical and administrative support to the O&GCC in their efforts to administer and enforce regulations regarding oil and gas exploitation.
Bedrock geologic mapping 27-152.01.  Map and describe the bedrock and related geologic materials and processes in Arizona.  Prepare maps for publication. 
Core and sample repository 27-152.01-5.  Operate and maintain a publically available central repository for rock cores, well cuttings and related subsurface samples.
Energy and mineral resources 27-152.01-1(d)  Map and characterize energy and mineral resources and identify areas that may have potential for future discoveries.  Provide technical assistance to industry and government.
IT support 27-152.01-2(b) Provide technical – hardware and software -- support for AZGS staff and manage network servers.  Maintain publically available internet map and product services.  
GIS support 27-152.01-1  Support geologic map production efforts
Enterprise Geodatabase 27-152.01-4. Operate and maintain a public central repository and a computerized database for geologic/mineralogic reports, books, maps and other publications.
Data preservation 152.01-4.  Digitize and preserve existing analog (i.e., paper and samples) data – geologic/geophysical maps, reports, illustrations -- for future public availability.
Phoenix branch 27-152.02 A.  A one-person office to respond to regional needs and projects and provide local responses to industry, government, and the public.  
AZ Integrated Seismic Network 27-152.01-1(c)  A state-wide instrumental network for monitoring earthquakes and evaluating seismic hazard and risk.
Management 27-151 A. The state geologist shall direct the research and information functions of the Arizona geological survey.
Admin 27-151 B.  AZGS administrative units:  employ such permanent, temporary, part-time and volunteer professional and support staff, as necessary to achieve the objectives and promote the policies prescribed by this article.
Finance-accounting 27-152.01-6 & 27-152.02  Receive and expend monies arising from grants, contracts, contributions, gratuities or reimbursements payable or distributable to this state from the United States, or from state, county, municipal or other governmental sources, or from individuals, societies, or organizations.
Personnel Management
Risk Management (insurance)


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