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AZGS has been publishing geologic maps and information since the 1890s. Currently, we publish in a variety of formats from DGMs (digital geologic maps) to our award-winning, Down-to-Earth Series written for the interested lay public. We maintain stringent data and publication standards. And all of our publications, with the exception of the contributed map series, undergo a rigorous in-house review to validate results and ascertain that we produce high-quality products.

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Arizona Geology is our flagship newsletter. It is published online 3 times per year and comprises topical geologic articles, lists of new publications, the Director’s Column, and AZGS announcements.

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Arizona Geological Information System

The AZGS is developing a computer information system to store and provide access to data on Arizona geology. Data are compiled from geological investigations and maps completed by AZGS staff and other professionals.

Major components of the AGIS include GENLIB, a database of AZGS library holdings; AZGEOBIB, a bibliography of Arizona geology; AZMIN, a database for metallic mineral districts and production, mine names, including primary and secondary references; and AZAGE, a compilation of radiometric age determinations. Geologic mapping is compiled digitally using ESRI geographic information system software. Databases are released through the Digital Information Series.

Geologic Extension Service

The Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS) is charged with informing the public about Arizona’s geologic setting, and its mineral, water, and energy resources. In 2007, State Geologist M. Lee Allison created the Geologic Extension Service (GES) to better meet this charge. A chief goal of the GES is to reach out to the community and inform them of the products and services of the AZGS and to make those products and services readily accessible. In short, GES is a bridge between AZGS geoscientists and the Arizona public. We design, develop, and deploy educational and outreach materials to assist people in developing a better and more robust understanding of those Earth processes that shape the Arizona landscape and enrich our natural resources. Our primary outreach platform is the AZGS website, but we also participate in on-site outreach at schools, group meetings, and civic events. The GES is located within the AZGS offices 416 W. Congress, Suite 100, Tucson, AZ 85701. For more information call 520.770.3500 or email


Well Cuttings and Repository

The AZGS has statutory responsibility to maintain a central repository for well cuttings, cores and associated supplemental data.

Companies that drill for oil, gas, helium, or geothermal resources are required by Oil and Gas Conservation statutes to save rock cuttings during drilling and submit them to the AZGS, together with logs and other pertinent information. Rock cores, primarily taken during mineral exploration, are commonly donated to the AZGS. Because of space limitations, only representative samples of cores are usually saved. Cuttings from approximately 4,000 oil and water wells and cores from many mineral tests are in the repository, which is open for use by the public.


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