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Mission of the Arizona Geological Survey (For all AZGS Statutes click here)

1. Serve as a primary source of geologic information in this state to enhance public understanding of the state's geologic character, geologic hazards and limitations and mineral resources.

2. Inform, advise and assist the public in matters concerning the geological processes, materials and landscapes and the development and use of the mineral resources of this state.

3. Encourage the wise use of the lands and mineral resources of this state toward its development.

4. Provide technical advice and assistance in geology to other state and local governmental agencies engaged in projects in which the geologic setting, character or mineral resources of the state are involved.

5. Provide technical advice and assistance in geology to industry toward the wise development and use of the mineral and land resources of this state.

How do we do it?

Mapping and Geologic Investigations
The AZGS staff map and describe the bedrock and surficial geology of Arizona with emphasis on the densely populated Phoenix-Tucson urban corridor. We provide the results of our geologic investigations to those local, state, and federal governmental agencies that are responsible for prudently managing Arizona's land, water, mineral, and energy resources.



Information and Services
Once AZGS staff has compiled geologic data from the field, that information is reviewed in-house to meet publication standards. To inform the public regarding Arizona's geologic setting, we provide maps, reports, and other publications in our bookstore and in our library. More resources are available online through our web site (guess you found those already...). Other services include developing digital information resources for archiving and serving geoscience data (Arizona Geologic Information System), science outreach through the Geologic Extension Service, and maintaining a central repository for well cuttings, cores, and associated supplementary data.

Learn More about our Information and Services!

The Arizona Geological Survey: A Short History
The Arizona Geological Survey is the latest in a line of academic departments and state agencies serving the people of the Arizona Territory and now the State of Arizona. In 1883, then Territorial Governor Tritle, requested federal assistance in establishing a geologic survey for the Arizona Territory.
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