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Announcements (News Releases)


10 July 2017 | Mike Conway presenting ‘Volcanoes of Arizona’, College for Kids program, Central Arizona College, Aravaipa Campus., Winkelman, Arizona.

11 July 2017 | Andrew Zaffos presenting ‘Global Tectonics and Marine Animal Diversity, Arizona Geological Society dinner meeting, Sheraton Hotel, 5151 E Grant Rd, Tucson. Presentation from 8 pm – 9 pm is free. For more details:

11 July 2017 | Dr. Andrew Zaffos (AZGS) presenting Supercontinent Coalescence and Breakup Controls the Trajectory of Global Marine Biodiversity, OneNOAA Science Seminars (12 pm – 1 pm ET); for details:

13 June 2017 | Research Scientist Joe Cook presents ‘New developments in AZGS’s Earth Fissure Mapping program’, to the Arizona Hydrological Society at Montgomery & Associates, 1550 E Prince Rd. Tucson, AZ. (6:00 pm).

4 - 8 June 2017 | Ann Youberg presenting ‘Building a Statewide Inventory of Landslides in Arizona’ at 3rd Annual North American Symposium on Landslides, Roanoke, Virginia.

1 May 2017 | Mike Conway ‘Re-establishing a mining, mineral and natural resources education museum on the Government Mall in Phoenix’ to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Society (7:30 pm).

24 April, 2017 | AZGS Director Phil Pearthree presents "Putting Geoscience to work for Arizona", to the Arizona Mining Caucus, Executive Tower, Phoenix, Arizona.

11 April, 2017 | Phil Pearthree presents "Latest findings and controversies regarding the early development of the lower Colorado River below Grand Canyon", Central Arizona Geology Club, Prescott Public Library, 6 pm.

11-12 April, 2017 | Ann Youberg presenting post-fire erosion, debris flows & gullying at ‘Horseshoe 2 Fire, Chiricahua Mountains: 6 years post fire’ field trip, Southwest Fire Science Consortium

Oct. 12, 2016 | Ann Youberg presents, Geomorphic  Effects of Wildfires - Floods,  Debris  Flows  and Long-Term Recovery, at Central Arizona Geology Club, Prescott Library (6 pm), Prescott, AZ.

Sept. 15, 2016 | AZGS presents 'The Mining, Mineral and Natural Resources Education Museum' at Arizona Sci-Tech Festival Kickoff-2017, Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts.

Aug 18, 2016 | AGI's EARTH Magazine releases 2012 interview with AZGS's Lee Allison.

Aug 17, 2016 | Dr. M. Lee Allison (1948–2016), State Geologist and Director of the Arizona Geological Survey, passed away Tuesday, August 16th, 2016.

Fresh contact information for AZGS staff — UA e-mail address & phone numbers

July 13, 2016 | U.S. Department of the Interior's Office of Inspector General releases 'Scientific Integrity Incident at USGS Energy Geochemistry Laboratory' report. You can access the 19-page report at the AZGS Document Repository.

Arizona Geological Survey is now situated at the University of Arizona's Arid Lands Building: 1955 East Sixth Street | PO Box 210184 Tucson, AZ 85721 | T: 520.621.2470 |

July 9, 2016 | (6:30-7:15 pm & 8:00–8:45 pm) Michael Conway presenting 'The volcanoes of Arizona – past & present!', Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, 2021 N Kinney Road, Tucson, AZ 85743

June 22 & 23, 2016 | Great AZGS Library Giveaway. Drop by from 9:00 am till 4 pm and help yourself to remaining library holdings, a topo map or two, and a free 'Geologic Map of Arizona.'


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New AZ Geology e-Magazine Articles

Pearthree, P.A., 2017, AZGS STATEMAP Program - 2017. Arizona Geological Survey, Arizona Geology e-Magazine, 3 p.

New Publications

Gootee, B.F., Cook, J.P., Young, J.A. and Pearthree, P.A., 2017, Subsurface hydrogeologic investigation of the Superstition Vistas Planning Area, Maricopa and Pinal Counties, Arizona. Arizona Geological Survey Special Paper 11, 70 p., 2 Map Plates - 1:60,000 scale, 10 appendices, GIS data.

Briggs, D.F., 2017, History of the Ajo Mining District, Pima County, Arizona. Arizona Geological Survey Contributed Report, CR-17-A, 16 p

Gonzales, L., Rose, C., Mandler, B. and Boland, M., 2017, AGI’s Critical Issues Program – Pioneering a new approach to sharing societally-relevant science with state and local decision makers. Arizona Geology e-NewsMagazine, winter 2016-2017, 5 p.

Cook, J.P., 2017, Discovery of a large earth fissure in the Southern Picacho Basin, Pinal County, Arizona. Arizona Geological Survey Open-File Report, OFR-17- 01, 7 p., 1 appendix.

Marshall, L., 2017, A Review of “Water in the Desert: The Grand Valley and Its Rivers”. Arizona Geology e-Magazine, Winter 2016-2017.

Gootee, B.F., Spencer, J.E., Tosdal, R.M., Pearthree, P.A. and House, P.K., 2016, Geologic map of the Mule Wash 7 ½' Quadrangle, La Paz County, Arizona, and Riverside County, California. Arizona Geological Survey Digital Geologic Map DGM-117, scale 1:24,000, 9-p. report.

Johnson, B.J., Pearthree, P.A., and Ferguson, C.A., 2016, Geologic map of the Corona de Tucson 7 ½' Quadrangle, Pima County, Arizona: Arizona Geological Survey Digital Geologic Map DGM-115, scale 1:24,000.

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